ZUNO 4th Quadrennial Conference and 58th National Assembly

ICN Member Events Zambia Airforce Banquet Hall in Livingstone, Zambia
13 December - 14 December 2023
Zuno 3

Theme: “Our nurses, our future”

The ZUNO Quadrennial conference is one of the governance structures of the organisation and acts as a supreme policy making organ of the organisation.   Over the 250 delegates from all the ten provinces of Zambia will convene after 4 years for purposes of: 

  1. Considering, approving and sanctioning any duly made alterations to the rules and policies of the Organization.
  2. Discussing issues pertaining to the profession in the country, sharpening one another professionally through presentation of Scientific papers, and
  3. Electing the National Executive Committee to lead the organisation for the next 4 years.

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