Caring with Courage

Produced for ICN by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the films and articles in Caring with Courage reveal the power of care and dedication in the inspiring work of nurses.

Caring with Courage features numerous inspiring stories from around the globe - from a dynamic Ugandan nurse on a mission to stop tuberculosis in its tracks and nurses harnessing the potential of AI to care for mental health in Asia, to the training health care to communities in rural South Africa and the midwives working towards a safer birthing experience for indigenous women in Mexico by combining knowledge from both the past and the present – these stories cover the incredible impact of nurses all over the world.

The Gamechangers

ICN President Pamela Cipriano

The nurses changing lives in their communities

“Coping with crises is part of the job for every nurse. When Covid-19 emerged, while it presented new challenges, the mentality of being adaptable and resourceful was already there” says Pamela Cipriano, president of the International Council of Nurses.

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The Pathfinders

The Trailblazers

The Guides

Caring with Courage

The Research Leaders

Over the past few decades, life expectancy in much of the developed world has steadily increased. An average 65-year-old in the US can now reasonably expect to live well in to their 80s. While this is to be celebrated, an older population also means a growing need for healthcare and support, potentially placing a huge cost and time burden on societies and individuals. Finding ways of making sure that we not only live longer but also that those lives are rewarding and healthy is going to be critical. And here, the field of nursing research has a central role to play.

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How a marriage of traditional and modern midwifery is transforming lives in rural Mexico

In the mountainous regions of southern Mexico, indigenous communities have for generations turned to traditional midwives to bring new lives into the world. These skilled herbalists, masseurs and healers rely on techniques and knowledge passed down and refined over many years.

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How a marriage of traditional and modern midwifery is transforming lives in rural Mexico - Caring with Courage