Certified Global Nurse Consultants

Creating a bank of experts to contribute to national and global nursing and healthcare policy-making

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ICN’s influential role with the World Health Organization means that there is an increasing demand for expert nursing advice at the very highest level. ICN and CGFNS International are offering a new service to certify a new body of senior nurses who will be a powerful accredited resource of nursing expertise - accredited by the world’s pre-eminent credentialing body - to contribute to nursing leadership capacity worldwide and serve as a crucial resource for ICN’s 130-plus member National Nursing Associations (NNAs).

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Through the CGNC certification, CGFNS and ICN will recognise the capabilities of nurses from around the world serving in a variety of roles—from specialised clinicians and policymakers to educators, administrators, and beyond—and build their capacity to provide leadership and offer solutions to the many uncertainties facing societies during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the rigorous certification process designed to capture nurses’ credentials across the span of their career, ICN and CGFNS will recognise candidates’ unique contributions to healthcare, their varied experience, and a range of other professional and educational accomplishments.

Those who meet the CGNC standards will be issued a certificate that validates their body of knowledge, allowing them to contribute to various ICN initiatives and consult with governments, healthcare institutions and NGOs seeking the nursing perspective on the issues posed during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also receive the added benefit of having their credibility and visibility as experts substantiated by two of the world’s leading authorities on the nursing profession.