From strategic planning to operational implementation, ICN’s structure enables us to achieve our mission. Led by our governing body, the Council of National Nursing Association Representatives, ICN strategy is developed by the Board of Directors and our operational work is carried out by our headquarters’ staff. 



Board of Directors

The ICN Board of Directors 2021-2025 comprises the President, three Vice Presidents and eight members elected on the basis of ICN voting areas.

Council of National Nursing Association Representatives (CNR)

The Council of National Nursing Association Representatives (CNR) is the governing body of ICN.

Our Committees

Committees of the Board of Directors perform a valuable governance role by overseeing areas within the Board’s responsibilities and ensuring compliance.

ICN Organizational Chart

Our work is divided into three main departments: Finance and Operations; Nursing; and Communications and Events.

ICN Executive team

ICN’s operations are led by our CEO, Howard Catton. Our three main departments are led by experienced and dedicated Directors.

ICN Nursing team

Our Chief Nurse, Michelle Acorn heads a team of nurses from across the world to ensure that nursing and health policy is at the centre of what we do.