Our Committees

Committees of the Board of Directors perform a valuable governance role by overseeing areas within the Board’s responsibilities and ensuring compliance. The use of committees enhances effectiveness by allowing greater scrutiny and more efficient decision-making. 

The two standing Board committees established under the ICN Constitution are the Executive Committee and the  Audit and Risk Committee. 

Six subcommittees have also been established by the Board: 

  • Constitution Committee 
  • Membership Committee 
  • Congress and Conference Committee 
  • Awards Committee 
  • Nominating Committee for the election to ICN Board 
  • Leadership and Organisational Development Steering Committee  

Additionally, ICN has several working groups whose term is time-limited: 

  • Student Engagement Committee 
  • Gender Equity Taskforce  
  • Business Development Group  

Each committee and group has clear Terms of Reference to guide their work and is supported by ICN staff. They regularly report to the Board of Directors on their activities and outputs.  


For further information about the workings of the Board or committees, please contact [email protected]