What we do

In alignment with the ICN mission of advancing the nursing profession, promoting the well-being of nurses, and advocating for the health of all, ICN works within policy advocacy, global health partnerships, leadership development, expanding networks, forming congresses and more. 

Global Health

ICN influences and informs the design and implementation of health, social, educational and economic policies at a global and regional level to promote health for all.


From our position statements on the most pressing issues of today, to our joint statements in collaboration with other organisations, our statements aim to clarify ICN’s position on a variety of topics important to nursing and health.

Position statements

As a federation of more than 130 national nursing associations and the voice of millions of nurses worldwide, ICN uses its position statements to address a variety of areas related to health, well-being and nursing professional advancement.

Regulation and Education

Regulation of the nursing protects the public by establishing and enforcing standards for conduct, education and practice.

Social-economic welfare

ICN works to influence nursing, health and social policy, professional and socio-economic standards worldwide.

Nursing students

ICN values the contribution of nursing students at all levels of training. ICN defines a nursing student as undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate nursing students.