Angèle Wallerlei - Kumbangsila MBA, Nurse Educator, RN, CGNC (Suriname)

GNLI 2023 Faculty and Facilitator for the PAHO region

Angèle Walleri-Kumbangsila is a leader in nursing and healthcare in Suriname. Educated as a nurse, she isa specialist in education, (quality) management and leadership. Currently she is the Director of the Nursing School and Advisor to the Minister of Health. In this position Ms Walleri-Kumbangsila has designed, implemented, and lead national changes in nursing education in Suriname. During the COVID crisis she was called upon by the Ministry of Health to lead the nation’s response for COVID-19. She was the lead writer for the National Plan for Healthcare 2022 – 2025 and appointed as one of the programme leaders for the national reform plan for healthcare in Suriname. As a nurse leader, Ms Walleri-Kumbangsila is a member of the national policy body for Nursing (RAVESUR) responsible for formulating and implementing national policy for nursing. Currently she is involved in writing the Strategic plan for Nursing in Suriname. Under her leadership, a national magazine for nurses, “We Nurse,” was initiated and is being published by the nursing school.

Ms Walleri-Kumbangsila is a certified Mediator, a certified Global Nurse Consultant and a member of Sigma Theta Tau honor Society of Nursing/Phi Gamma. She enjoys time with her granddaughter. Reading and a good work out are part of her routine as much as possible.

Email: [email protected]