Partners in Development Award

The Partners in Development (PID) Award recognises foundations, corporations, non-governmental organisations or other groups that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and investment in nursing and health care capacity building. 

Previous recipients: 

  •  2007: Merck & Co. for supporting the innovative and effective ICN’s Mobile Nursing Library programme and in recognition of its leadership in corporate social responsibility, its contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and its sustained commitment to strengthening and supporting nursing in delivering quality care. 

  • 2009: Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of health and science information, for their support and collaboration of ICN’s Mobile Library project and their shared conviction that quality health care begins with access to quality health care information. 

  • 2011: BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a global medical technology company, whose moral, financial and technical support for nurses leading the ICN Wellness Centres for Health Care Workers® programme since its initiation in 2006 has contributed significantly to ensuring access to health and wellness services for health care workers and their families in sub-Saharan Africa. 

  • 2013: Pfizer Inc. for its tremendous and longstanding contribution to raise the role of nurses and to strengthen health care systems globally by collaborating with ICN on numerous projects. 

  • 2015: Eli Lilly and Company, a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical corporation that has worked with ICN since 2003 to strengthen the global nursing capacity in the prevention, detection, care and treatment of TB and M/XDR-TB in countries with high burdens. 

  • 2017: The Burdett Trust for Nursing for its generous grants allocated to nurse-led projects. 

  • 2019: Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring the implementation of the ICN Leadership for Change programme across 12 provinces in China. 

  • 2021: CGFNS International, Inc. for its strong support of ICN and for launching the first-ever certification programme to recognise nurses’ extraordinary capabilities and developing a cadre of Certified Global Nurse Consultants (CGNC). 

  • 2023: BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions has been awarded for producing for ICN a series of films and articles entitled Caring with Courage aiming to reveal the power of care and dedication in the inspiring work of nurses.

BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions

BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions
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