ICN launched the pilot program in November 2021 in Africa inviting 23 National Nursing Associations to participate

ODENNA Africa numbers

The ODENNA Africa NNAs have been increasing their organizational capacity and strength using the three pillars

ODENNA Pillars
ODENNA Identify

Main priorities, issues and asks of the 23 ODENNA Africa NNAs expressed in their Organizational Assessment

  • Membership - attractiveness, motivation, participation, retention, databases, medical legal issues
  • Organizational structure, governance, ethics, culture, physical space, capacity building, partnership development
  • Financial stability and fundraising
  • Human Resources - unemployment, conditions of service, retention, regulation
  • Leadership and gender issues
  • Legal frameworks for discussion and interaction with authorities

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As a result of the OAT and the Workshop, the ODENNA NNAs are developing:

ODENNA projects

ODENNA Africa NAMI will be officially launched in January 2024

  • NAMI matching has begun and agreements will completed by the end of March 2024
  • Engagements between Mentors and Mentees will officially kick-off in April and continue through June 2025

Contact us here if you would like to be a mentor

ODENNA Africa is sponsored by:


BD Foundation

“Africa has long suffered from a critical shortage of nurses which is devastating to the quality of healthcare in Africa now, and into the future. In order to support the resilience and sustainability of health systems where they are needed most, the BD Foundation is investing in the next generation of nurses in Africa. By partnering with the International Council of Nurses, we are confident that the ODENNA program will help improve access to the delivery of quality healthcare for patients across Africa.”

Sien Avalos, Director, BD Social Investing and VP, BD Foundation

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Johnson & Johnson Foundation

“At the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, we believe for healthcare to work, it takes nurses. Nurses are innovators, lifesavers, fierce patient advocates and the very backbone of healthcare. For many patients, nurses are the only health professionals they ever see. Our support for ODENNA reflects our commitment to advancing health equity by empowering nurses with the support and guidance they need to deliver the best possible care for all their patients.”

Upcoming Milestones

  • LFC Workshop 1: February/March 2024
  • LFC Workshop 2: March 2024
  • Training of Trainers: April 2024

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