Karen Bjøro, RN, PhD (Norway)

GNLI 2023 Faculty and EURO Region Facilitator

Dr Bjøro Is a Norwegian nurse. She was Vice President of the Norwegian Nurses Organization (NNO) from 2011-2019. She is currently the Second Vice President of the International Council of Nurses Board of Directors, and is an advocate for student engagement in ICN. Dr Bjøro is a board member of the European Forum for National Nurses and Midwives Associations, which collaborates closely with the WHO European Regional Office. Dr Bjøro has represented ICN at the World Health Assembly and the WHO European Regional Committee. She attended GNLI in 2016, became a GNLI Regional Co-facilitator for the Euro Region in 2020, and joined the GNLI faculty in 2021. Dr Bjøro has been strongly involved in collaboration between the NNO and the nurses’ organisations in Rwanda and Malawi. She was a board member/chair of the International Competence Center Tanzania Ltd (TICC) from 2011-2020. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of these initiatives.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @KarenBjoro