ICN welcomes the national nurses association of Mauritania as it becomes an official member of the global nursing family

27 June 2024
Mauritanian NNA logo

The International Council of Nurses is pleased to announce that the National Nurses Association of Mauritania has joined its ranks. It is now a full member of ICN’s federation of more than 130 national nursing associations around the world.

Welcoming the Mauritanian nurses into ICN’s worldwide fellowship, ICN President Dr Pamela Cipriano said: “On behalf of our board, our member organisations and our staff, I am extremely delighted to welcome the nurses of Mauritania into the global nursing family that is ICN.

‘For the past 125 years, ICN has brought the voices of nurses together to the benefit of individual nurses and the global nursing profession. We are living in difficult times and the solidarity of nurses, within and between countries, is extremely important for the patients and communities we serve. We stand together in solidarity, with one voice as we strive to contribute to the goals of health care for all.

‘I am sure our colleagues from Mauritania will make an important contribution as we tackle the challenges of our time together.”

President of the Mauritanian National Nurses Association Muhammad Habibullah Al-Munira said: “I can only express our great satisfaction within the Association Mauritanienne des Infirmiers (MNA) at joining the ICN. This membership, which is certainly the result of our fruitful struggle, also represents a major challenge that we will be able to overcome thanks to our great ambitions.”

The MNA’s objectives are to disseminate scientific and professional awareness to all members of the association, preserve the ethics of the profession, raise the scientific and technical standards of nurses, improve scientific and cultural exchanges, and maximise and capitalise on the intellectual and physical talents and abilities of Mauritania’s nurses.

ICN provides its members with the tools to lobby their governments for adequate protection, training and compensation. By joining ICN - the world’s first and widest reaching international organisation for health professionals - the Mauritanian National Nurses Association enables its nurses to have a stronger voice in health priorities and policy development, not only at home but internationally as well.