ICN welcomes the orders of nursing of Cameroon and Angola into membership, further strengthening the voice of nursing on the African continent

30 May 2024
Angola & Cameroon members

The Cameroonian and Angolan orders of nursing have joined the International Council of Nurses (ICN), a federation of more than 130 national nursing associations around the world. With their addition, ICN further strengthens voice of nursing on the continent of Africa and around the globe.

Welcoming the Cameroonian and Angolan orders of nursing into ICN’s worldwide fellowship, ICN President Dr Pamela Cipriano said: “On behalf of our board, our member organisations and our staff, I am extremely delighted to welcome the nurses of Cameroon and Angola into the global nursing family that is ICN.

‘Nurses everywhere are continuing their good work, despite difficult situations and long-term staff shortages. As we have learned throughout the past, it is extremely important that we stand together in solidarity, speak with one voice, and ensure that voice is heeded around the globe.

‘The importance of ICN’s member organisations working together in a systematic and strategic way cannot be overstated. I am sure our colleagues from Cameroon and Angola will make important contributions as we tackle the challenges of our time as we all recognise, perhaps more than ever, the power and strength of unity and mutuality.”

The President of the Order of the Medical and Health Professions in Cameroon, Dr Melkior Fobasso Dzeuta said: “To be a member of ICN is to hold the hands of the world's nurses for expertise, excellence, sharing and innovation. It has been a long dream, and I am proud to have written this page of history for Cameroonian nurses. Long live the ICN adventure!”

President of the Angolan Order of Nurses (ORDENFA), Eduardo Elambo Caiangula said: "Angolan nurses are delighted to join the ICN global nursing family. No dream will succeed without nurses taking their place as the true builders of equality and promoters of lifelong health of the whole population. I believe in the strength of ORDENFA and nursing as a sign of solidarity and the need to solve people's problems."

ICN provides its members with the tools to lobby their governments for adequate protection, training and compensation. By joining ICN - the world’s first and widest reaching international organisation for health professionals - the Order of the Medical and Health Professions in Cameroonian and the Angolan Order of Nurses enable their nurses to have a stronger voice in health priorities and policy development, not only at home but internationally as well. As the global voice of nursing, ICN leads the nursing profession to improve health for all.