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PR 31

ICN President calls for resilient health systems at UN High Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response

The President of ICN, Dr Pamela Cipriano addressed the United Nations High Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response held on 20 September.

21 September 2023

ICN President Pamela Cipriano

ICN President says Universal Health Coverage will only be achieved by 2030 if there is a dramatic increase in investment in nursing

ICN President Dr Cipriano has stated that nursing holds the key to changes that must be made to health systems if the goal of UHC is to become a reality by the WHO's deadline of 2030.

19 September 2023

PR 29

ICN CEO: “Not enough to listen to patients, we must act on what they say to really improve patient safety and quality care”

Ahead of World Patient Day (17 September), ICN CEO Howard Catton is calling for urgent action on patient safety to back-up the World Health Organization’s new charter on patient safety rights.

15 September 2023

Position statement

The future of nursing and digital health: new ICN position statement highlights opportunities and risks

A new position statement by ICN highlights the ways in which the digital technology revolution supports the rapid and positive transformation of health care systems and facilitates the delivery of nursing care and how people engage with their health and wellness.

1 September 2023

WS 41

Howard Catton and former President Judith Shamian say nursing leaders must increase their influence in policymaking at the highest level

In recent years many nurses have gained access to positions in policymaking arenas that have increased the influence of the profession and improved outcomes for patients and their families, but in many cases the voices of such nurses are not listened to, and they are not given the power, funding and resources they need to optimise the positive effects of a well-supported nursing workforce.

31 August 2023

Michelle Acorn, Chief Nurse

Chief Nurse Blog: Nursing Matters August 2023

ICN’s stated mission is to represent the global nursing workforce, promote nurses’ wellbeing and advocate for health in every aspect of human life.

28 August 2023

Position statement

New ICN position statement highlights safe staffing and health workforce safety as priority areas for patient safety

Highlighting that ”Patient harm from unsafe care is one of the leading causes of death and disability globally and a growing public health challenge”, a new position statement released by ICN calls on governments to substantially increase investment and recruitment, development and training and retention of the health workforce, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, as a critical action to reduce patient harm and advance patient safety.

24 August 2023

Position statement

Health inequities and discrimination – new ICN’s position statement addresses role of nurses

Presenting a brief overview of the ways in which inequities and discrimination intersect with health and affect the health of all persons across the globe, the new position statement describes how experiences of discrimination, racism and historical trauma are important social determinants of health inequities for certain groups of people, such as LGBTQ+, indigenous peoples, people of colour, women and gender minorities, people with disabilities, and older persons.

16 August 2023

Michelle Acorn, Chief Nurse

Chief Nurse Blog: Nursing Matters July 2023

After the excitement of ICN Congress in the first week of July in Montreal, Canada, I have been reflecting on what was an amazing gathering of more than 6,300 delegates from all around the world.

2 August 2023

Pam Living Legend

ICN President designated Living Legend by American Academy of Nursing

Dr Pamela Cipriano to receive AAN’s Highest Honour

20 July 2023

Closing ceremony - Congress 2023

ICN Congress in Montreal closes with inspiring ceremony and the launch of its new visual image and logo

ICN’s Congress 2023 in Montreal has closed with an inspiring ceremony led by its President Dr Pamela Cipriano and Chief Executive Officer Howard Catton.

5 July 2023

Justin Trudeau and Pamela Cipriano

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau makes surprise visit to ICN Congress: “The work of ICN and nurses around world is more important than ever”

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau made a surprise visit to the ICN Congress in Montreal, Canada, praising nurses for their unique skills, their courage and their service in difficult times.

5 July 2023